Monday, 1 July 2013

A Mother's Love

I have always been a firm believer in children holding the secret keys to the universe and all things great in their tiny little palms. It's amazing to have a conversation with a child on their take on life, love and the world in general. Even better is being able to listen in on a conversation between 2 children who aren't aware an adult is present. Not only are they incredibly funny, they are honest, raw and truthful which seems to be a couple of qualities that dull out as we mature and grow up in life.

I am proudly the mother of two amazing little humans Rhyder James my handsome first born son who is going to be 6 in October and my  little princess Kyah Jae who will turn 3 in September. I wanted to introduce you to them as they are the reason my world spins, my all and my everything and being a mum to them is the greatest joy I have ever known and will probably ever know. Sure parenthood has its trials and tribulations and certainly has tested me in every aspect of my being but I would not have it any other way, the beauty in becoming a mummy to me, is the lessons we get to learn from the tiny people whom we are trying to teach. I have read plenty of great books on how to be the best parent, or the things we should teach our children, or what is right and what is wrong with how we choose to parent, but you know what? There is absolutely no handbook on parenting. There is no right way or wrong. Each child has been made so individual and unique that it would be absolutely impossible to have 1 set of 'rules'. 

I actually believe that my kids are the ones who teach me something new everyday, teach me something new about the world, teach me how to stretch my love even further than I knew was possible. With the endless curiosity and questions they ask me each and every day, I LEARN. I learn the answers they seek, I learn patience when I have been asked "but why mummy" or "what's that mum" or "how do I spell cat or fat or bat" 400 odd times by each of them a day, (gets tricky let me assure you!) I learn to laugh at the silly stuff, stop to pick the flowers,  to still see Beauty and wonder in all the little things us adults usually take for granted because I am blessed enough to be able to look at life through their innocent, pure eyes. They teach me to be happy for no reason, turn every conversation into a song or a rhyme, dance around and not worry about having a clean and tidy house if its play time! So while I try teaching my children about life they actually are teaching me what life is all about. 

I have decided to approach my 'teachings' in a different way. I have decided, that to lead by example in the ways that I live will probably teach them more than the words I say. I plan to educate my children on the importance of being happy in life so that when they grow up they will understand the value of life. I will inspire my children to chase their dreams no matter how big they seem or how far away they may be, because inside every child is a genius. Our children are the adults of the future. They will be the leaders in a time we will not see. So it our duty to send them forth not only with all the knowledge we have aquired in our lifetimes but also with the hands on experiences we have had. 

So this message is for you my beautiful children.

 Rhyder and Kyah, 

I vow to love you unconditionally, laugh with you as often as possible, fill your days with wonder and excitement, allow you to fall down and pick yourselves back up, to get covered in dirt and mud and walk filthy footprints through my freshly mopped house, speak kind words to you even if I am cross, show you the difference between right and wrong, respect you and care for you, pull back the blankets at 2am when you woke from a bad dream and need to get in for a cuddle, sing all your favourite songs, dance crazy cause its so funny and most of all be your best friend. 

Love you both to the moon and back always and forever, Mumma xxx

"A mother only holds her child's hand for a moment but their heart for a lifetime".


  1. Oh Lee! This is so beautiful you have me goosebumps! xx

  2. How sweet are you!! Thanks babe glad you enjoyed it xx