Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My 30 Before 30

An amazing friend of mine gave me the inspiration for this, find her She done a similar list of her 25 before 25, however as I am turning 25 tomorrow I thought I would make a list of My 30 before 30 :) 

I took my time and deliberated over what things I really wanted to achieve in the next 5 years and came up with My List:

1. Own our own home
2. Get a boob job
3. Go to Spain with my family
4. Go to Dubai
5. Ride in a hot air balloon
6. Loose and maintain a 30kg loss
7. Learn to play a musical instrument
8. Take a spiritual class
9. Learn to speak some Spanish
10. Start my first business
11. Be earning $70,000++
12. See a sunrise and sunset in 10 different countries
13. Go to Ireland to see my family
14. Get my tea leaves read and my Tarot cards done
15. Go skydiving
16. Get "Phil" tattooed on my ring finger
17. Have amazing relationships with my family 
18. Run in a children's charity marathon
19. Do something EXTRAORDINARY for Phil
20. Own 100 pairs of HOT shoes
21. Put a lock on the bridge in Paris 
22. Quit smoking

I Have left some spaces intentionally blank as I don't want to rush them down, I want them to be totally meaningful and special :) Plus I have 5 years in which to complete this list and that gives me plenty of time to come up with new and even more amazing goals to push and challenge myself.

Writing goals out and putting visual images linked to each of those goals has been a real game changer for me, As now I am accountable to this board which sits proudly in my living room, each and every day, and now that I have sent it out into the universe, I have no doubt that I can achieve this list plus much, MUCH more with ease and abundance. Before listing these desires and wants down as goals, they were only dreams, and dreams can sometimes seem too far away for us to achieve or get. Setting these goals as well as regularly setting all my goals down on paper really gives me a sense of achievement as well as a security in knowing that with a little bit of hard work and determination, these goals that were once just dreams, are going to come true. 

Pick out your next "milestone" birthday and give it a go, turn your dreams into realities too! 


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