Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Ideal Day

My gorgeous and inspirational friend and mentor  Peta Kelly, director from Anatome - integrated wellness (find her on Facebook or Instagram @petajean_) asked me a question last night and Man! It was a cracker!! she asked me what my ideal day would look like from start to finish. This of course set my mind (and heart) fluttering and racing! Honestly before this year, I couldn't have even allowed myself to really imagine or dream if you like, how and what I would spend my day doing if the choice was mine and mine alone. If work or chores weren't existent, if the mundane 9-5 wasn't what my future had in store. If I got to "live life by my own design". 

It breaks every mould of what i have ever been taught really! My parents encouraged me (yours probably did too) to go to school, study hard make good grades, get an education, find a good job and work hard. and you know what? i I 1000% agree that good education goes a long way towards creating financial freedom, but will that teach me everything i need to know about becoming successful in life?? I mean even highly qualified professionals like lawyers for example, go to work everyday as employees, working for someone else. Working to create someone else's ideal day. Is that fair? And no doubt the cycle will continue, I have 2 insanely clever children who I want to see get good educations, study hard, and get great jobs... But really, is that going to work in today's unstable economy and world?? I can't say I have the answers to these questions but I'm sure as hell on a mission to find a better way of having "it all". 

So back to Peta's mind blowing question, after a great deal of pondering, i want to paint you a picture of what my ideal day would look like... 

I would be Waking up in my luxurious, snuggly king size bed, next to my husband (who also has the freedom to spend his day however he chose to)and my two wonderful kiddies as you can see this is why we would need the King size bed haha. We live in our amazing waterfront mansion in Mosman Park, that we have custom designed and built (in other words our dream home) its early about 5.30am and it's a gorgeous warm spring morning, i can hear birds chirping and a gentle ocean breeze is blowing, i can smell the salty goodness in the air. I feel healthy, energised, happy, fit and ridiculously blessed and grateful that this is my life.

I jump up and get my trainers on, take a short stroll to the pristine Western Australian coast line. I hit the sand at Cottesloe Beach and kick my shoes off letting warm sand surround my toes and waves splash my feet As I set off for a stroll in the morning sunshine

I would sit and take time to Channel my spiritual energy and divine guidance from my angel guardians with some meditation and either with a reading or some crystal healing therapy

My kids love making cubby houses so i would make with them the biggest and bestest blanket fort this world had ever seen and set up camp together inside it :) let them delve into there extraordinary imaginations and come up with an awesome story line for our "game" then to read them their favourite books while having a tea party where EVERY.SINGLE.TOY is invited.

To sit in the afternoon light with a fruity drink in hand Reading a book that I loved in my hammock in the sun next to my sparkling blue pool followed by Taking a relaxing swim to cool off and a hot bubbly spa, before pampering myself with some self love, like a homemade facial or body scrub hey who knows... maybe both :) 

To sit and Enjoy a candlelight romantic meal with my gorgeous husband and a glass of vino or 2 whilst sharing our future ambitions and plans and maybe organising our next family holiday (I'm thinking Disneyland!)

And finally, Snuggling down with my babies to watch one of their favourite Disney classics(if I got to choose it would be Aladdin hands down)

Wow. What a day!!! Picture perfect in every way! 

Why don't you give it a try? I'd love to hear how you would all choose to spend your ideal day!

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