Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I resonate so so soooooo hard with this above quote because of when I finally had the realisation that it was time. The moment came on the night of all nights... picture this: Im in London, standing on the Embankment next to the River Thames looking directly onto Westminster Abbey and Big Ben one of my favourite icons in all of history, beside the London Eye on... NEW YEARS EVE! I know right, Best effing spot to be on New Years Eve. The perfect location for the penny to drop, which actually had only just happened moments before in Trafalgar Square.

I was in England, with the Love of my life, best friend, partner in crime, husband and soul mate Phil and hundreds of thousands of excited (pissed up) people from every corner of the globe when the bells started to ring in 2013 and fireworks lit up the sky. EVERYONE cheered, a man proposed to his beautiful girlfriend right in front of me (dreamy right?) Phil and I swigged Champagne warm from the bottle and danced with strangers, hugging and laughing on an otherwise bustling London Road.

I knew there in that moment 2013 was GOING To be MY year. I was never making and breaking another New Years Resolution, IN FACT! screw the resolutions, i was never going to make another one again. I was headed on a Journey, of self discovery, truth and all things of the heart. I was seeking, soul searching if you will. 

  • My year to love my body. Really love my body, to free myself from the self loathing ways and from the weight (literally) dragging me down
  • My year to become a better and happier Wife, Mother and Friend 
  • My year to discover and develop my beliefs and connections to my Angels and Spirit Guides
  • MY YEAR to truly BE ME.
So it felt only natural to start a journal of my journey and new path toward all these things and everything I find along the way, and to share it with you all and the universe to remind me that this really is my year to shine bright. 


  1. Amazing Lee xx Love this post, it took me back to that night (which by the way, Isagenix Euro trip 2015 fo sho!) SO SO love this space you've created, I can't wait to hang out in it often p.s FIRST COMMENT :) What an honour xxx

  2. Im so incredibly proud of you! I love this post, I read it to Liam and we were both getting goosebumps! Love it! x

  3. Thank you both you gorgeous hunnies :) your love in my life means so so much I am so blessed to call you both friends of mine thank you for your support I'm so glad you enjoyed blog post #1!! Xxx

  4. WOW Leanne congrats to you gorgeous girl on your #1 post, am in love with your blog already and look forward to following the journey! Bright blessings, Suzie :) x

  5. Thank you Suzie :) Im glad to be able to share it xxx