Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Count your Blessings - Not your worries!

In all seriousness, how much do you value the gift of life?? The gift of health?? The gift of being able to walk and talk?? The gift of just being alive and on this planet for another day?? 

Really think about it for a couple of minutes. 

Now think about how much more often you focus your attention on all the negative stuff going on in your life, your insecurities, those few kg you want to lose, not having enough money, not having enough time, unhappiness in your relationships, hating on your job, the list goes on and on and on. Do you know what happens when you focus on the shit? Things always seem to get shitter!!! 

Why? Because what we focus on expands. Do you not think if we changed our perception and started focusing on all the good and positive things in our lives that stuff would expand too? I know for a fact it does.

Over the last 6 months I have poured a lot of time into developing my state of mind. Living with an attitude of gratitude and seeing the positive in any and all situations and people around me.
A very brave and special young lady spoke at our Wellness WednesdayTM for her first time last night. She told us her story of the challenges and trials the last couple of years have brought to her and her husband and kids, the battle she has been facing with a terminal illness and many other health issues and boy did I cry (I actually howled and snorted if i remember correctly). How could I sit there and listen to this woman, share her journey and think I even had a single problem in the world? Feel sorry for myself about my trivial crap? It was a humongous wake up call!! And do you know what was the most remarkable thing about that lady? She was genuinely happy. Happy as anything, funny as hell, positive, warm, loving, strong and not to mention incredibly beautiful. She isn't living with anger, sorrow or hurt, she isn't sitting around feeling sorry for herself. She is living. And she is fighting. By surrounding herself with only things that lift her up, will her and her mind to get well, and a healthy lifestyle plus serious all natural, organic nutritional products to balance her body and bring it to an alkaline state. 

It taught me the value and power of mind over matter and positive healing and I am so greatly inspired and in awe of the woman she is not only for herself but for her children and loved ones. 

So next time you find yourself complaining about being stuck in traffic or getting a cold coffee from Jamaica blue or a pair of jeans that feel a little bit snug, have a think about that little problem in comparison to someone like this lady. Because what we focus on expands, good or bad. Xxx


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